phil-keeneyIce Cream is something that we have wanted to make at Kelly’s French Bakery for years. Kelly’s Hungarian heritage and the fact that Kelly’s great grandfather and great uncle had an ice cream shop in Los Angeles for many years was an inspiration.

Finally, last January Kelly enrolled in the world famous Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State University. It was the 118th year, in fact Kelly’s great uncle took the course in 1920. It was a week long course full of math and science and an even further impetus to get ice cream into Kelly’s French Bakery.

Full of ideas, information and plenty of excitement, Kelly and Mark launched the ice cream addition. Two unused closets were opened up in the courtyard of their bakery building and transformed into an ice cream step up window.

kellys_ice_creamFortunately for Kelly’s, Humbolt Creamery had recently been purchased by a dairy that delivered to Kelly’s. This made available a rich pasture fed dairy base for ice cream unlike no other in California. There are some happy cows up in Humbolt, all pasture fed giving the milk a high butterfat, perfect for ice cream.

sweatshirtOn June first, Kelly’s opened the ice cream window with sensational flavors like Caramel Almond, and almond candy made in house layered into caramel ice cream. In fact all the additions to the ice cream at Kelly’s are house made. That is the advantage of having a pastry kitchen. Most ice cream shops have to buy their additions or as they are called in the trade, “inclusions’. Kelly’s makes all of their own and you can taste the difference.

Kelly’s also makes many other flavors as well as fruit and chocolate sorbets.

Kelly’s Ice Cream is open everyday!