Description of Cakes

Ganache Cake
Our famous chocolate devils food cake filled with vanilla whip cream and then glazed with dark creamy chocolate ganache.
Chocolate Cake
Our famous chocolate devils food cake filled with dark creamy chocolate ganache then frosted with a creamy fudge frosting.
Hungarian style dense creamy vanilla cheesecake on a vanilla cookie crust. Choose between plain, lemon curd , or chocolate soufflé topping.
Carrot Cake
Dense rich carrot cake, smoother than others. Covered with a traditional cream cheese frosting.
Ladyfingers, chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream all assembled in a tidy square elegant cake.

Pies and Tartes

Apple Pie and tartlettes
Crumb topped apple pie.
Ollalieberry Pie and tartlettes
Tarte yet sweet ollalieberry filled pie.
Apricot Berry Beauty
Apricots, ollaieberries baked in a crumb topped tarte.
Fresh Fruit Tarte and Tartlettes
A seasonal tarte filled with creamy vanilla custard and the bounty of our fruit filled countryside.
Pecan Tarte and tartlettes
Pecans baked with a gooey traditional filling.
Pumpkin Pie and tartlettes
Traditional Pumpkin Pie, smooth and seasonal, a must for a fall and winter treat.